How to judge the quality of transparent tape?

by:CROWN     2022-10-07

The products of tape manufacturers are very popular and supported by consumers in our lives, and they also play a great role, but do you know how to judge the quality of tape?

In fact, when we choose a product, we can analyze it from many aspects. First of all, we need to look at the thickness of the tape paper tube. The thickness of the standard paper tube is 3mm. Look at the diameter of the paper tube. The standard diameter is 7.8cm. Smell the smell of the tape. If the smell is strong or smelly, it indicates that the quality is not good. Check the surface of the tape, including whether the two sides of the tape are sticky and whether there are gaps. The sides are not sticky, and there are no gaps.

It is important to check the viscosity of the tape. There are also many inspection methods. You can seal the box with tape and then lift it up suddenly. The more the surface of the box can be peeled off, the better the stickiness is. If the tape has not been pulled up or part of the tape is broken during the process of pulling the tape, it means that the adhesive is strong. In the process of using the tape, the colloid should not be contacted by sharp objects. The tape is relatively fragile and should not be damaged as much as possible.

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