How to Make a Bouncy Ball Using Scotch Tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-22

Many people may not know the method of using scotch tape to make bouncy balls. In fact, we can learn about it from tape manufacturers:

First cut a piece of transparent glue, stick the pasting part of this transparent glue and the pasting part of the other transparent glue continuously, and tear it off. Then repeat it a few times, and a piece of gelatinous thing will come out, use that piece of thing to stick it again, and tear it off. If it is relatively large, use it to stick the edge of the transparent glue, and you will find that a layer of things is pulled out, and the layer of things is rolled onto the ball and rolled repeatedly.

In addition, if you roll the ball to the size you like, soak the ball in water to remove the stickiness, then you are done. I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone.

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