How to make the adhesive tape better

by:CROWN     2022-11-24

Although the tape is very convenient to use, it also pays attention to the method. The following tape manufacturers will introduce to us how the bonding effect will be better:

In fact, it is very simple to improve the bonding effect of the adhesive tape. It is necessary to clean and dry the adhesive surface first. After the cleaning solvent is dried, the adhesive tape is attached to the adhesive surface, and pressure is applied by a roller or other means to make it effectively bonded. Tear off the tape release paper, stick the material to be laminated, and also apply pressure to make it fit effectively. If it is necessary to remove air bubbles, it is necessary to increase the pressure, and the applied pressure is up to the limit that the article can withstand.

When the tape is bonded, one end should be attached first, and then slowly pressed to the other end to reduce the probability of air bubbles, so as not to affect the bonding effect.

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