How to measure the durability of tape?

by:CROWN     2022-09-29

The product application of the tape manufacturer is directly related to its performance, especially the durability of the tape, which is directly related to the service life of the tape, so we should pay attention to the correct measurement of the durability of the tape to make the tape application effect better.

The durability of the tape involves its high-temperature resistance, cold resistance, light resistance, water resistance, electrical insulation resistance, and weather resistance. In the use of tape, the aging of its joints can be regarded as a process of change in the decline of various functions of the tape under the influence of external physical conditions. The reasons for such problems mainly include chemical influence, physical influence, and the reasons for their own materials. . The physical effect mentioned here means that under the influence of light and heat, the surface viscosity of the tape will decrease, and the speed of exposure to air will be faster, while humidity and heat are the most outstanding issues that affect the durability of the tape.

Generally speaking, the surface aging of the tape is faster than the internal aging, so the use of the tape can be better. This is the key point of tape selection that we should understand so that the use of the tape is more in line with our application needs.

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