How to prevent tape from breaking?

by:CROWN     2022-10-13

There are many kinds of products in the wholesale market of tape manufacturers. Its convenience makes it widely used by us, but the use of packaging tape often breaks. How to prevent it, let's find out now.

In fact, before we use the product, can we use a knife to cut it, because the lower knife is too hard so that it will cut the packaging tape it touches above? If this is the case, the whole roll will be scrapped and it will break when pulled, so you must pay attention when unpacking, try to avoid contact with the tip of the knife or sharp objects and the packaging tape. In the process of using the packaging tape, the colloid cannot be contacted by sharp objects. The packaging tape is relatively fragile and should not be damaged as much as possible.

In fact, it is also regular for the packaging tape to break new. If it keeps breaking from one place, the packaging tape may have been damaged. This can extend the life of the product and bring home benefits.

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