How to remove double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2021-10-14


1. Hairdryer. This is an important tool in the whole method, and it is also the core tool, but please note that the hairdryer we use is used for heating, so it must be able to blow out hotter air. Ordinary hair dryers may not work, the older the better.

2. A knife. Ordinary utility knives are fine, but be careful not to use the handle. Razor blades may have to be used on special occasions.

3. Be careful. Doing this kind of work is actually very simple, but the important thing is that you must be careful to succeed.

Specific method

1. For this kind of situation, it is easy to handle, use a blade to scrape and start to tear slowly, and close it with your hand. If the speed is too slow, you can use a hairdryer to heat it up slightly.

2. This situation is more difficult to deal with, especially the kind of tape with patterns printed on it. Use the computer to heat it and heat it to the weak windshield. Start by scraping with a razor blade. Focus on heating the back of the tape. Be careful not to overheat, this will deform the tape. Slowly tear it open with your hands, and be careful throughout the process. The patterned tape will more or less leave marks. Be careful not to overheat, otherwise more will be left behind. A little trick: the faster you uncover, the less residue, but the easier it is to tear the carton. The specific effect may be related to many aspects, but as long as you are proficient, it is still satisfactory in most cases, and it is not easy to find when you do not carefully check and reseal.

3. In this case, you can directly scrape it off with a blade slowly. In some cases, thinner blades may be required. In this case, you can use a razor blade. If the label is large, you can use a hairdryer to assist in heating.

4. Such tags are generally relatively small. You can gently pick the corners with a blade, heat it with a hairdryer, and then slowly pick up the entire label. When handling this kind of label, you must be careful and then careful. A little carelessness will leave traces and accomplish nothing.

5. Dealing with this is a trick. Generally, heating is definitely not good, because the plastic film will also be blown and deformed. The method is very simple: just tear it with your hands, not slow, but fast. If the label is large, you can divide it several times, suddenly and quickly. In view of this situation, the lower the ambient temperature, the better.

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