How to remove glue marks from scotch tape?

by:CROWN     2022-10-16

A lot of things in the house have traces of scotch tape residues, and they can't be cleaned up properly. I feel that the whole person is not good. I believe everyone has the same trouble. The scotch tape has been pasted for too long, and it will usually leave black and not slippery. It is a big project to remove all traces of repair, but as long as we master the skills to remove traces, we can easily remove traces of double-sided tapes. The following transparent tape wholesalers have sorted out 5 small methods for you.

1. Hair dryer to remove marks:

We can use a hair dryer to heat the place where the transparent adhesive sticker is attached until it is blown soft and then peel off the transparent adhesive sticker, then it is very simple.

2. White Flower Oil:

If it is the kind of transparent adhesive sticker that has a certain period of time, you can use white flower oil to coat the place with the clear adhesive sticker, and then wipe it off with a rag until it is clean.

3. Fengyoujing. Bitter oil:

You must not know that balsamic oil and oil can also remove the traces of transparent adhesive. Apply rubbing oil or balsamic oil to the places where there are traces of double-sided tape, and then wipe them repeatedly to remove the traces of double-sided tape.

4. Eraser:

For small areas of transparent adhesive stickers, we can use an eraser to wipe them off.

5. Industrial alcohol:

The traces of transparent adhesive stickers with a large area can also be removed with denatured alcohol.             

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