How to remove glue marks on clothes?

by:CROWN     2022-10-26

The transparent tape produced by tape manufacturers is widely used in our daily life, mostly used in carton packaging and express edge sealing. Nowadays, some transparent glues will have obvious glue marks when they are torn off when they are used, and they will be left on the items. How to remove the glue marks left on the clothes?

First of all, the clothes are stained with tape marks. To remove the glue residue from the scotch tape, the clothes cannot be washed directly, so that the glue will penetrate into the fibers of the clothes and cannot be washed off. After the clothes are dried, the glue residue will still remain on the clothes. , and it is stronger than before cleaning. Try not to use soap, gasoline or alcohol when cleaning. If it cannot be removed, it will increase the stains on the clothes again, which is difficult to clean.

The easiest way is to freeze, put the clothes with glue marks face up in the cold east layer of the refrigerator and freeze for about half an hour, then take them out and gently rub the places with glue marks until the glue slowly falls off. Finally, add some washing powder with warm water, and then gently scrub it, it is completely clean.

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