How to remove the residual glue of the double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2021-10-17

Double-sided tape is undoubtedly a good helper in our daily life. We feel very happy when we solve the problems in life, but the residual glue on the double-sided tape is also a headache. Based on my life experience and understanding of the principle and function of double-sided tape, I will summarize several methods, and hope that solving it can bring some convenience to your life.

1. Alcohol/gasoline Dip a soft cloth or sponge with an appropriate amount of 95% alcohol, and then gently wipe the remaining glue, the residue will become soft and leave the veneer. Tear off the alcohol is a relatively common method to remove residual gum because alcohol usually does not dissolve with the material. Gasoline will dissolve in a variety of materials and make them melt, so it must be used with caution. You can wipe lightly in unimportant areas and wait for a few minutes. If there is no special reaction, you can start using it in a larger area, but you should control the use time and not too long.

2. Wind has a mirror This is a more practical method. If you have the habit of using Fengyoujing, just wipe it with Fengyoujing. If there is no response, it will not affect the subsequent removal with other liquids. Before use, you can also scrape off the tape with a knife.

3. Scotch tape I believe everyone has used it. When writing a spelling error, please use a small transparent glue to paste it and pull it out.

3. The effect of the residual glue is not too strong. However, it is not recommended to apply paint on the veneer, otherwise, it may cause degumming, which will not happen if a proper liquid solvent is used.

4. In addition to glue, other skills are in daily life. This is a more direct method, but it is also a very effective method.

5. Other methods of frosted glass scrape off the tape and wipe it with turpentine.

6. When using newly purchased daily necessities made of metal or plastic, the removal of trademarks is also a headache. Usually, after the label is severely removed, there will always be residual glue firmly attached to the product, which is still unusable. The remaining glue should be firm even with a damp cloth or knife. After peeling off the label, the traces left by the adhesive are difficult to remove. Wiping with a damp cloth or scraping with a knife usually leaves marks, which is not helpful. At this point, we can completely soak the trademark and then dry it with the hot air of a hairdryer. After drying, the label can be easily removed.

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