How to remove the tape marks on the knife?

by:CROWN     2021-12-11

Usually, when using scissors or a knife to cut tape, tape, and glue on various packaging bags, it will leave tape marks on the surface of the knife. It is sticky, easy to stick to dirt, and difficult to remove. Here are a few simple and fast methods to teach you.

1. Remove with an eraser

This is the method taught by teachers when I was young. Wipe hard with an eraser directly on the area where there are tape traces. The more you wipe the dirt, the more dirty you start. Don’t give up. Keep rubbing. Gradually, the tape traces will fall off along with the scraps of the eraser. Don’t feel bad about the eraser. The better the elasticity, the faster the removal effect of the eraser, and the amount is also saved. Remove with toothpaste. Put some toothpaste on the area where there are only traces of tape, wait a moment,

2. Rinse with clean water. Remove with hand cream

Apply some hand cream to the place where there are traces of tape, and massage it back and forth with your hands (be careful). The dirt will dissolve in a while. Remove with alcohol. Dip a rag with alcohol and wipe it back and forth.

3. Remove with detergent

Dip a small amount of warm water with a rag, and then dip a little bit of detergent, and quietly wipe the tape traces, the dirt will be wiped out in a while.

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