How to remove the traces of double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2021-10-26

Double-sided tape is a roll tape with paper, cloth, and plastic film as the base material and is evenly coated with elastic pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin pressure-sensitive adhesive. It consists of three parts: substrate, adhesive, and release paper (film). The double-sided tape also plays an indispensable role in daily life.

Suitable environment requirements for storing double sided tape: temperature 19-23, humidity 40-60%.

If you pay attention to the following points when using, you can get a better bonding effect.

1. The adhering surface must be cleaned and dried first. Generally, it is recommended to wipe and clean the surface with a cloth mixed with 1:1:1 isopropyl alcohol and water, and then wait for the surface to dry completely.

2. After the cleaning solvent dries, stick the tape to the surface of the adhesive, and apply a pressure of about 15 pounds per square inch (1.05 kg/square centimeter) through a roller or other means to effectively bond.

3. Tear off the tape release paper, then paste the material to be pasted, and apply the same pressure as 15PSI for effective pasting. If air bubbles need to be removed, the pressure should be increased to the upper limit of the carrying capacity of the item.

4. The ideal gelatinization temperature is 15-38, not less than 10.

5. During the tape bonding process, one end should be glued first, and then slowly pressed to the other end to reduce the possibility of air bubbles.

There are many embarrassing traces of glue in life, such as tape marks on posters, stickers on the bottom of a water glass, and so on. Use wet towels, this method is limited to places that are not afraid of getting wet.

Tear off the double-sided tape

1. First, do not tear off this layer of paper, heat it with a hairdryer, and then use it again. You can pick it up.

2. If you leave black marks, you can use shiny oil at home and wipe it with a rag. If there is no bright oil at home, you can repeatedly apply wind oil or drip oil.

3. If the black mark is not big, you can use an eraser to erase it. If the area is large, you can use anhydrous alcohol, that is, industrial alcohol, apply it to the sticking position, and then wipe it with a cloth.

4. You can dip a dry cloth in vinegar to cover the traces of double-sided tape, and then scrape it off with a ruler.

Remove traces of scotch tape

1. Use an eraser. The eraser is also very effective in removing transparent glue, but it is only suitable for small areas.

2. Alcohol wiping is limited to places that are not afraid of fading.

3. The cleaning agent can also remove the scotch tape agent.

4. Due to the external chemical composition, nail polish remover is very suitable for removing transparent glue. This is the case with nail polish primers.

Remove the double-sided tape on the wall

1. Only in areas that are not afraid of fading, wipe with nail remover first.

2. Blow dry with a hairdryer to soften the traces of the double-sided tape, which can be easily removed.

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