How to use waterproof tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-11

In the event of blockage of the sewer pipe, water leakage from the roof, etc., the waterproof tape in the wholesale of tapes will be used, and what is the specific method?

When using waterproof tape, the gap and seam width of the surface joint should be selected according to the engineering design requirements. Note that the surface joints and cracks must be scrubbed clean. Starting from one end of the crack on the surface, tear off the barrier paper on the asphalt tape, gradually turn it over to form a straight line along the joint, put the asphalt tape on the joint and crack of the roof, and then press the asphalt tape quietly by hand to make the joint stick. Strong and tightly closed.

Waterproof tape can correct the leaking parts in time, and it is very convenient to use, so it is a good choice, but be sure to check the quality.

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