Instructions for preparing steps for viscosity test of double-sided tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-28

1. Adjust the tilting ball device to the horizontal position, except for special regulations, adjust the tilt angle of the tilting plate to 30°.

2. Wipe the glass surface and both sides of the polyester film with degreasing gauze dipped in detergent, and then wipe it clean with gauze.

3. Put the steel ball from which the anti-rust oil has been wiped off and soak it in a container with detergent for several minutes. After taking it out, use a clean detergent and gauze to clean and wipe repeatedly, and then use a clean gauze to clean it. The bamboo (wood, bone) tweezers and other tools to wipe and clean the steel ball.

4. Place the adhesive side of the tape sample on the inclined board. Cover the designated area with polyester film as a rolling part. The rolled part should be smooth and free of defects such as bubbles and wrinkles. The 100mm range below the roll assist part is the test part.

5. Fix both sides of the auxiliary part of the roller and the lower end of the sample on the inclined plate with glue. At the same time, you can also use tape to fix along the edges on both sides of the test part so that the sample can be attached to the board evenly.

6. Clamp the steel ball in the steel ball placement device forcefully, and adjust the front and back positions of the steel ball placement device so that the center of the steel ball is on the starting line of the roll assist device. Before the formal test, samples are allowed to be used. Test several times, but adjust the left and right positions of the ball placement device so that the trajectories of the steel balls do not overlap each time.

The adhesives used for double-sided tapes are mainly pressure-sensitive adhesives. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is actually an abbreviation for pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is mainly a pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is mainly used to prepare glue for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.

The peeling force of a pressure-sensitive adhesive refers to the peeling force of the tape and the surface to be bonded under pressure. The cohesion of the adhesive refers to the force between the pressure-sensitive adhesive molecules and the basic force of the adhesive refers to the adhesion between the adhesive and the substrate. Generally, the peeling force of the pressure-sensitive adhesive<the cohesive force of the adhesive <the adhesive force of the adhesive. Generally, pressure-sensitive adhesives manufactured according to standards will not degum during use.

The adhesives used for double-sided tapes are mainly pressure-sensitive adhesives. The pressure-sensitive adhesive has strong adhesive properties, good wettability, and anti-stripping properties. Its initial adhesion and retention properties are very good. Pressure-sensitive adhesives can also resist creep shear, have good heat resistance, can be flame retardant, and have good oxygen resistance.

The adhesive used for double-sided tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The quality of the sealing tape mainly depends on the quality of the pressure-sensitive adhesive. This is why there are good sealing tapes and bad sealings on the market. The reason for the cassette tape.

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