Introduce Four Methods of Making Toys by Yourself

by:CROWN     2020-06-15
As young parents, an individual still worried about the best way to give pleasure to kids? Don't worry, in fact, it is so simple if you pay more attention on the creation of children. Of course, you can make kids' toys by yourself, which is so complete. OK, follow the article below to learn good experience on this topic. Firstly, make use of old socks and plastic bags As you know, kids often grow very fast and many people items such as clothes or socks can't be worn because the size is not suitable. Under such circumstance, many parents throw them away. In fact, you can fully have used them. What you have to obtain as raw materials are kids' socks, string and slightly hard plastic personal belongings. Firstly, put the plastic bags into socks and then tie the both ends of socks. The following DIY toy, children's tactile sense and auditory sense can be developed. By the way, touching with toys made from different materials and let them hear different sound are beneficial to their development. Secondly, discarded beverage bottle In hot summer, there are a lot of empty discarded beverage bottles in every family, it is absolutely wasteful if simply throw them far. If you are smart parents, you should look into how to utilize them to give pleasure to your children. Before making the toy, you should prepare one empty plastic bottle, water and colorized string of beads as materials. Firstly, put the beads into empty plastic bottle and then make water into bottle, finally cover the lid. When you shake the plastic bottle, the colorful bottle would draw kids' attention, especially for babies who are during the laying phase. Thirdly, DIY funnel Similar to make the toys introduced inside the second method, using two empty beverage bottles, water, colorized beads and adhesive tape as materials. Firstly, put the beads into one empty beverage bottles, and after which one bottleneck close diverse and exactly what adhesive tape tightly. It's OK, when playing with toy, turning the bottles and the colorized beads are moved from one bottle to another. Fourthly, rainbow magic barrel It is normal to find preservative film in family, how to make use of it products and are toys? Firstly, twining colorful silk ribbon on the axle of preservative film, then fixed the two ends with vitta, finally, squeeze handkerchief into center of axle. Above all, all children have strong curiosity, as smart parent, you should take associated with their strong curiosity so they are know more knowledge.
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