Introduction to the characteristics of masking glue

by:CROWN     2022-10-26

Masking tape from the tape manufacturer is a high-tech decorative and spray paint paper, which is widely used in interior decoration, spray painting of household appliances, and painting of luxury cars. The color separation effect has a clear boundary and a circular arc artistic effect, which brings a new technological revolution to the decoration and spraying industry and brings new vitality to the industry.

1. Masking tape is an adhesive tape based on resin-impregnated crepe paper for sealing and packaging. Masking, and fixing of electronic components and wires during painting, coating, and sandblasting.

2. Special curing adhesive composition with excellent solvent resistance and high-temperature resistance without leaving any adhesive traces.

3. The tape can be bent to the protective corner, it is easy to bend without breaking.

4. Retention force Even under strong pressure, the adhesive force of the tape itself can provide sufficient retention force.

5. Easy to tear and still easy to use even when used without scissors or blades.

6. The application tape can be pasted on the surface with high curvature, and its thickness is enough, no need to supplement.

7. The loosening force is moderate, the loosening force is too large or too light, and it is easy to operate.

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