Introduction to the main advantages and characteristics of sealing tape

by:CROWN     2021-12-07

Packaging tape is our good companion, good friend, and our good helper in our daily life. So, do you know what is good about it? What are the advantages and characteristics of sealing tape?

1. Fixing ability-even with a small amount of pressure, it can be glued to the workpiece according to your ideas.

2. Instant adhesive force-the sealing tape is sticky and firm.

3. Harmony-the sealing tape can easily adapt to the drastically changing curve shape.

4. Lubricity——The sealing tape is very smooth to the touch and will not irritate the hand when pressed by hand.

5. Simple tearing-simply tear off from the tape roll, without the tape stretching and dragging.

6. Unfold freely-the sealing tape can be pulled away from the reel in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight.

7. Leave no traces-the sealing tape will not leave thick edge deposits.

8. Anti-retraction——The sealing tape can expand along the surface of the curve without retraction and detachment.

9. Resistant to a solvents-the backing material of the sealing tape has to prevent the penetration of solvents.

10. Anti-fragmentation——The sealing tape will not appear splinters.

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