Introduction to the principle of adhesive tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-02

In the wholesale of adhesive tapes, we will find many types of products such as high temperature adhesive tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, insulating adhesive tapes, special adhesive tapes, and pressure sensitive adhesive tapes.

The reason why these tape products can bond items is mainly the use of adhesives. Through the bonding of tape, two or more items that were originally not connected can be subtly connected together, and a layer of adhesive is coated on the surface of the tape. The earliest adhesive actually came from animals and plants themselves. Rubber is the most important component of adhesives, and adhesives widely used in modern times are various polymers. Adhesives can stick things together, which is to form a bond between the molecules of itself and the molecules of the object to be connected, and this bond can bind the molecules tightly together.

Of course, the composition of the adhesive is based on different manufacturers and different types of polymers, which should be distinguished when purchasing.

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