Introduction to the related usage of tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-05

Many people who go to the supermarket to buy food often see this phenomenon. Some vegetables are tied up with brightly colored tape. People who buy this kind of vegetables will find that when they go home to wash the vegetables, they will take the tape away. Sticky items can stick to the vegetables, making them difficult to clean. Many people question whether this vegetable is safe?

In fact, some cities in China have already issued vegetable 'no bands may be replaced with a cheaper one. If you eat this kind of food for a long time, the sticky substance on the food will definitely cause some harm to your body.

In the season when there are many fresh vegetables on the market, many families may buy a lot of fresh and cheap vegetables to eat, but the price of vegetables will continue to rise for a period of time. Pay special attention when eating. If you buy this kind of vegetables tied with tape, it is not effective to wash the sticky substances on the vegetables with water after removing the tape. We discard these parts of vegetables so as not to endanger health.

China is in the economic development stage of accelerated industrial modernization and urbanization. At this stage, industries such as machinery, metallurgy, electric power, mining, chemicals, building materials, and ports will grow steadily. These industries are the main downstream industries of tape. Therefore, the demand for domestic tapes will continue to grow steadily in the future. 3 Continuous upgrading of domestic tape products and production technology. The development direction of domestic tape products is a high performance, lightweight, energy-saving, environmental protection, and long life. High-performance adhesive tape is the development trend of the industry, and its proportion will be further increased. At the same time, the production process has been upgraded, the technical content of domestic tape products has been continuously improved, and the gap with the international advanced level has been continuously narrowed. 

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