Introduction to the use and characteristics of thermally conductive double-sided tape

by:CROWN     2021-11-05

The thermally conductive double-sided tape should be relatively unfamiliar to us because it is mostly used in industrial applications and is rarely touched in daily life, so there are very few people who know about the thermally conductive double-sided tape.

The thermally conductive double-sided tape is made of high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive filled with high thermal conductivity ceramic particles and coated on both sides of glass fiber cloth or without substrate.

The use of thermally conductive double sided tape:

The thermal conductive double-sided tape is mainly used for bonding chips, flexible circuit boards, high-power transistors and heat sinks, or other cooling equipment. It can be used for bonding device of high-power LED lighting aluminum substrate and radiator, CPU radiator, device elastic heating sheet, LED backlight module TV, device thermoelectric cooling mold, radiator and microprocessor bonding, device temperature display Film, power transistor and printed circuit board bonding, flexible circuit and heat dissipation equipment bonding, etc.

Characteristics of thermally conductive double-sided tape:

The thermally conductive double-sided tape can be bonded with light pressure when used, and the bonding strength increases with the increase of time and temperature. Thermally conductive double-sided tape can be die-cut to any shape and can be pre-attached on a surface for future bonding. The double-sided thermal conductive adhesive has high thermal conductivity, strong viscosity, and stability, and its life span is longer than ordinary heat-dissipating double-sided stickers. It can work for a minimum of 5 years at room temperature (80-120 degrees).

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