Is the smell of scotch tape toxic?

by:CROWN     2022-10-17

We can see a variety of products in the scotch tape wholesale market, but in use, we can find that some products emit a peculiar smells, what is the reason for this, and what kind of harm will it bring us? Is it poisonous?

In fact, the process of manufacturing products is relatively simple. Generally, the raw materials we need for manufacturing are made of adhesives and films, but they will have the smell of glue or glue additives. Affected, many tape manufacturers can not wear masks during production, and some people bite off with their teeth when using tape. I have never heard of such poisoning. But if the product has a little odor, it can be ignored.

There is no ROHS mark on the tape packaging, but it is basically environmentally friendly now. Only the scotch tape manufacturers use inferior glue to reduce the cost.

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