Is the thicker the tape the better?

by:CROWN     2022-10-15

The products made by tape manufacturers can be used in many industries. In order to ensure the effect of use, we need to use it. The thicker the tape, the more sticky it is. The thicker the stationery tape, the better. The following tape manufacturers will discuss the thickness and stickiness. Powerful explanation.

The stationery tape is only thicker and stickier within a certain range, but if it is too thick, the stickiness will not increase. The thicker the adhesive layer within a certain range, the better the wetting between the stationery tape and the rough surface, the larger the contact area, and of course the stronger the stickiness. However, after a certain thickness range, although the thickness is increasing, the contact area of the surrounding structure will not increase, so the viscosity will tend to be stable and avoid contact with high temperature, because the adhesive tape will open when exposed to high temperature.

In the process of storing the product, it needs to be analyzed according to the type of the product, especially according to people's needs. Secondly, the tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid sunlight and rain; it is forbidden to contact with acid-base oil organic solvents, Keep it clean and dry, 1m away from the discovery device, and the room temperature is between -15°C and 40°C. Do not fold the tape, place it in rolls, and turn it in quarterly if it is stored for a long time.

Therefore, the thicker the stationery tape is, the better, we still need to look at the situation, so that we can buy the type we want.

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