Judge the quality by the brightness of the double-sided tape film

by:CROWN     2021-09-22

The raw materials used in the production of tape are composed of basic materials and other auxiliary materials. Excipients include curing agents, toughening agents, diluents, fillers, coupling agents, and so on. Some glues do not necessarily contain too many ingredients, these ingredients mainly depend on the function and purpose of the glue. Substrate: The substrate is the basic component of glue and one of the components of copper foil tape.

Curing agent: The curing agent is a substance that hardens the substrate into a solid, and is the main component of the glue. Toughening agent: It can increase the resistance of the adhesive layer, improve the impact resistance, peel resistance and bending resistance of the adhesive layer, and reduce the reaction heat and shortening rate during the curing process. It is also one of the components of the tape of the same name. Thinner (also called solvent): Thinner can reduce the viscosity of glue, make it easy to handle, and improve the wettability and fluidity of glue.

Filler: The filler added to the adhesive can improve the mechanical properties of the adhesive, and it is also one of the components of transparent adhesive tape. You can see its quality through the brightness of the tape film. Generally speaking, the color of a defective tape film will darken, and the tape will only crack. The color of the tape is whiter and there are fewer impurities, so the adhesive performance of the tape is better.

We can choose thick paper tape, it looks very layered and gives an illusion. The thicker the paper tube, the larger the outer ring and the more tape. You can also touch the thickness of the tape film with your hands. I think dura tape is generally defective. The too thick tape will also reduce the number of applications.

The sealing machine is a kind of equipment mainly used for cutting tape. When using tape, people can quickly tear off the tape, thereby improving work efficiency. So how do we install tape on the sealing machine? Today I will give you a detailed introduction.

1. First, we need to buy a sealing machine with the same width as the tape, otherwise it will not be installed.

2. Then prepare a roll of tape with the same width as the sealing machine, pull out the tape, and then slightly paste it on the shaft of the sealing machine. Install the take-up reels on the tape holders of the upper and lower cores, with the adhesive surface facing the direction of the box.

3. Next, bypass the rubber load side of the guide wheel. After the rubber conveying side bypasses the one-way copper wheel, before and after installing the tape, the glue direction between the top line and the rubber wheel needs to be maintained. After installation, the rubber belt can rotate freely. When the required length of the rubber band is reached, it can be cut gently on the saw blade, which is convenient and quick.

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