Judgment of the quality of sealing tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-03

Sealing tape is one of the main products of tape manufacturers, and it is often used in our lives. How should we distinguish its quality?

Pay attention to checking whether the surface of the sealing tape is smooth and wrinkle-free. Under normal circumstances, bubbles can be seen in the sealing tape that has just been produced. This is due to the formation of the production environment, but after a week of placement, the air bubbles will basically disappear. disappeared, so don't worry. The appearance of high-quality sealing tape is smooth and clean, without any white spots, and its appearance is extremely smooth without any wrinkles; if it is a sealing tape with impurities, there are many white spots scattered irregularly, which will not disappear when pressed by hand, do not buy this.

When judging the adhesiveness of the sealing tape, you can use the tape to stick the item and then quickly swing it out to see the retention force. Repeat the application for a few times and touch it with your hand until the adhesiveness drops significantly. After comparison, it can be found that good adhesiveness will be better than quality. Almost more wear-resistant and sticky longer.

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