Knowledge of common types of tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-01

If the tape wholesale product is qualified, it needs to pass various tests, and it is a high-quality product that meets the standard. What are the types of common tapes?

One is masking tape, which has the characteristics of excellent viscosity, good temperature resistance and good tensile strength. It is used in the production of chemical capacitors, thermistors, and other products. Then there is the cold-pressed tape, which has a very small initial adhesion, excellent adhesion to the surface of the tape, good paper quality, no curling, and good masking effect. It is used for metalized capacitor spray gold masking. Then there is the hot melt tape, which has low initial adhesion, good fixing force, strong durability, good weather resistance and good solvent resistance, and is used in finished tapes of electronic components.

According to the scope of application, it can be divided into warning tape, protective film paper tape, wrapping film tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, box sealing tape and module tape; and on the substrate, it can be generally divided into cloth tape, Masking tape, kraft paper tape, fiber tape, PVC tape and PE foam tape, etc.

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