Knowledge of stickiness of sealing tape

by:CROWN     2021-12-04

Carton sealing tape is just plain and meaningful. Any tape that can be used to seal cartons can be called carton sealing tape. Last time, I also introduced you to the method of judging the viscosity of the sealing tape. The above-mentioned stickiness. Many people will ask what is the stickiness of the sealing tape? What help is there with regard to the selection of sealing tape? Don't worry, let's introduce the stickiness of the sealing tape.

Adhesiveness refers to the persistence of the sealing tape after a sticker box and other products. The quality of the adhesiveness is directly related to the safety of the product in the warehouse, long-distance and short-distance transportation! Some purchasers may feel that our products do not need to be transported long distances or stacked in the warehouse for a long time. They are indifferent to stickiness, as long as the initial stickiness is good, just make sure it can be used! So is there no requirement for stickiness in this case?

The sealing tape with good initial adhesion generally has a relatively high water content in the glue. Its principle is like two papers that are soaked by water. As long as they are put together, they will stick, but it will follow the evaporation of water. , The moisture gradually dries away, and the two pieces of paper will become the original two pieces of paper.

The sealing tape with good stickiness is generally compounded by glue with relatively low moisture content, or it may be said that it is a relatively high oil content. It's like cooking the pasta with glutinous rice. Although it is too pasty to touch as thin and sticky, it will last longer than the thin ones after sticking on the couplets. This is the stickiness, which can withstand the wind and can withstand external forces.

Carton openings are generally machine-polished creases. After pressing down, there will be a certain resilience, plus the expansion force of the carton after the product is installed. If the carton is full, add an overflow force After the carton is sealed, the moisture of the sealing tape is absorbed by the carton and evaporated by the air. Can the adhesive force of the glue ensure that the carton does not burst, it will flash after 24 hours. This is the reason why the qualified sealing tape will be written ≥24H for its stickiness!

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