Learn about tape and classification

by:CROWN     2022-10-25

Tapes from tape manufacturers consist of two parts: a substrate and an adhesive, and the ability to join two or more unjoined objects that are not joined.

First, the surface of the tape is coated with an adhesive, the earliest adhesives came from animals and plants, in the 19th century, the main component of the adhesive was rubber, and today various polymers are used. According to the efficacy of the tape, it can be divided into the high-temperature tape, double-sided tape, insulating tape, special tape, pressure-sensitive tape, die-cut tape, and tapes suitable for different industries. The role of tape in our production and life is very important. According to the different substrates of the tape, it can be divided into cloth tape, masking tape, kraft paper tape, textile tape, PVC tape, and PE foam tape.

Secondly, according to the scope of application, it can be divided into warning tape, protective film paper tape, packaging film tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, sealing tape, and combination tape. Again, according to market penetration, it can be divided into conventional tapes and special tapes. According to the different application environment temperatures, it can be divided into low-temperature tape, room-temperature tape, and high-temperature tape. Finally, according to the adhesive strength, it can also be divided into the single-sided tape and double-sided tape.

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