Learn about the different types of tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-31

We have learned that tapes can be divided into many types. Today, tape manufacturers will show us different styles of tape:

The first is single-sided tape, which can be used for wrapping or temporarily securing objects. Easy to tear off without tools. After peeling, there is no residual gel on the surface to be adhered to. Then there is the heat sealing tape, which is a kind of tape heated with special equipment and sewn into the woven bone pin holes of the waterproof and gas-proof series products, as a waterproof material, tents and balloons to achieve the sealing effect. Also, waterproof rubber sealing tape butyl is made by mixing rubber butyl with polyisobutylene and other main raw materials, again it is a tape. For streamers, marking and protection is handy. Generally speaking, there are more beige and khaki colors. In addition, there are insulating tapes, especially those used by electricians to prevent leaks and insulate.

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