Market demand for double-sided tape industry

by:CROWN     2021-10-10

At present, my country is rapidly changing from the import of double-sided tape to net export. At the same time, the next few days will be good news for brand operators and machinery suppliers. At the same time, it will be unsustainable and long-term. At the same time, the growth of PE double-sided tape in the market is relatively fast. At the same time, the film stretching production line is even more so.

China is rapidly changing from a net importer of double-sided tape to a net exporter. In the next few years, India's double-sided tape production capacity will double. This is good news for brands and machinery suppliers, but this huge growth will not last long. Asia is still a fast-growing market for PE double-sided tapes, at least on film stretching production lines. Asia used to pay more attention to the water-cooled film blowing process in small batches, but now all modern double-sided tape factories are established in Asia.

Now the global annual consumption of double-sided tape exceeds 3 million tons. In the past 30 years, it has achieved unprecedented success in the packaging market. It not only successfully replaced cellophane but also quickly opened up its own market, especially the composite membrane replaced paper.

In the past ten years, the production and application of PE double-sided tape in my country have developed rapidly, and it has become a major producer in the world. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, higher requirements are put forward for the packaging of various industrial products. High-performance, functional plastic flexible packaging materials have become the focus of development and research. Plastic flexible packaging materials with high barrier properties, high transparency, and multi-function fresh-keeping and sterile have attracted more and more attention and have shown increasing market demand.

Electronic communication, digital and other adhesive products, and the rapid development of the middle and downstream industries of double-sided tape will drive a new round of huge demand in the adhesive and double-sided tape industry. Judging from the products exhibited at this exhibition, most tape companies are transforming from ordinary tapes to industrial tapes, while film companies are developing from ordinary PE double-sided tapes to high-end films or optical films. This is the leading role played by the electronics industry.

With the increase in market saturation, branded products gradually occupy a leading position in the market. How to display the brand value in packaging while leading the quality of products has become a new market requirement for the packaging industry. Simply increasing production capacity and reducing costs will gradually feel the pressure of the market, and differentiated and personalized packaging solutions will become a development trend.

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