Material of yellow scotch tape and white scotch tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-24

Our common transparent tapes in the market are mainly yellowish, yellow and white, among which white transparent tapes are usually transparent and basically colorless, and transparent tapes also have transparent brackets with a little yellow and opaque. Today, scotch tape manufacturers mainly talk about the material of yellow and white scotch tape.

Yellow Scotch tape is transparent in appearance, yellow in color, and has a bubble-free effect, a color commonly used in the tape industry. Mainly based on polypropylene film, according to customer requirements, after applying a certain color of tape, apply pressure-sensitive adhesive, and it can be dried with non-stick tape. This transparent tape has high tensile strength, lightweight, non-toxicity, and environmental protection, prevents product leakage or damage during transportation, and is suitable for general product packaging and various sealed box bonding purposes.

White transparent tape is mainly used in spraying, packaging and fixing, building decoration, and other industries, and also used in offices, studies, etc. The white tape is made of high-quality viscose and environmentally friendly-adhesive OPP plastic. The tape is sticky and does not easy to fall off after being fixed.

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