Matters needing attention when purchasing tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-16

Tape is widely used in our lives. There are many tapes on the market, but when we use products, we need to pay attention to many things. Now we will follow the transparent tape wholesalers to understand the knowledge introduced in this regard.

We know that tape is closely related to our lives, and when children use stationery tape, they are used to biting with their teeth. For example, the vegetable tape is directly attached to vegetables. Only when the adhesive is completely healthy can we use it with confidence. It is relatively simple to judge whether the tape is healthy and environmentally friendly. The tape must not have a pungent smell, and there must be no uneven application of the adhesive. It is enough without adding a lot of chemical additives. The other is the diluent, which can reduce the viscosity of the glue, make it easy to operate and improve the wettability and fluidity of the glue. Adding fillers can improve the mechanical properties of the glue.

We also need to look at the raw materials of the tape. The quality of the tape produced by different raw materials is also different. The raw material determines the toughness, safety, and service life of the tape. Only high-quality raw materials can produce high-quality products.

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