Matters related to the use of sealing tape packaging

by:CROWN     2022-11-27

The sealing tape in the wholesale of tapes, after the original BOPP film is subjected to high-voltage corona treatment, the surface is rough, and the glue is applied on it to form a mother roll, and then cut into small pieces of different specifications by a slitting machine. The volume is ready to use.

Sealing tape packaging is packaged in unmarked paper or plastic film cartridges, suitable for general product packaging, sealing and bonding, gift packaging, etc. Corrugated boxes should be used for the packaging of sealing tape, and the carton should have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that the tape will not be damaged during storage and transportation. In the process of transportation, when packing with sealing glue, it is necessary to reasonably pack the required protection items according to the nature of the items. If it is a special item, it should also be marked and marked.

If the re-moisturizing kraft paper adhesive tape for sealing the box specifies the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marking, packaging, transportation and storage.

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