Method to distinguish non-toxic and toxic film of sealing tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-31

Carton sealing tape is made of a combination of film and adhesive. When the adhesive is applied to the film, it becomes a sealing tape. The sealing tape will completely inherit the characteristics of the film and adhesive. The sealing tape film is divided into toxic film and non-toxic film. How to distinguish these two films? Let us introduce the method to distinguish the non-toxic and toxic of the sealing tape film.

There are three main ways to distinguish the non-toxic and toxic films of the sealing tape:

1. Water immersion identification method:

This method is simple and useful. Dip the sealing tape film into the water, press it into the water with your hand, and then let go. If it sinks in the water, it is generally toxic. Poisonous.

2. Sensory inspection:

Polyethylene and polypropylene have better transparency than polyvinyl chloride film. There is a layer of waxy luster on the surface, which gives a smooth feel to the touch, while polyvinyl chloride is milky white with poor transparency, sticky touch and color. Dim, poor perception.

3. Combustion discrimination method:

Polyethylene, easy to ignite, the flame is divided into two colors, the top is yellow, the bottom flame is blue, waxy, smokeless, and can continue to burn without open flame; polypropylene is different from polyethylene, but there are a few black Smoke has a smell of oil. The toxic PVC is difficult to light, and the flame is also divided into two colors, the upper part is yellow, the lower part is green, the flame is spray-like, emits white smoke, and has a pungent, pungent smell. Since PVC film is poisonous, it should not be burned in the kitchen to avoid air pollution.

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