Must-know masking tape maintenance method

by:CROWN     2021-12-06

Melting tape, double sided tape, insulating tape, die-cutting tape, etc. are often used and heard in our days, but you should rarely hear 'masking tape'. Masking tape has great effects in occupations such as cars and electronics. So, do you know how to protect masking tape?

In order to achieve the best performance of the masking tape, and the use time becomes longer, it is very important to have good protection. Masking tape protection is mainly carried out from the following aspects:

1. Protection during daily storage

The protection scale of the masking tape includes the protection during storage of the masking tape. If we want to store the masking tape well, we need to put the masking tape in a regular storage warehouse. The storage warehouse should not be too messy and humid. The reason for this is to ensure that the masking tape will not curl up due to moisture. It is also necessary to flip the masking tape every once in a while, and of course, the packaging masking tape will not appear to fold.

2. Protection during use

Before using the masking tape, you should choose the masking tape reasonably according to your own needs, and pay attention not to mix different types of masking tapes with different strengths or different cloth layers. In addition, when using the masking tape, make sure that the masking tape does not show a snakelike phenomenon, and the tape must be tight.

3. Protection during transportation

In order to prevent the edge of the masking tape from being damaged during transportation, the best way is to use a crane for transportation. The crane also needs a beam lock. It is also worth mentioning that, try to avoid mechanical damage to the masking tape during unloading.

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