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by:CROWN     2020-06-11
Genital wart is a sexually transmitted disease found in women. It spreads when there can be a sexual contact with an infected person. It also spread even any one touch the genitals associated with the infected person. Due to wart a person may go through discomfort during intercourse. An infected person suffers from a burning sensation and from itching around the sex organs. Around the genitals, there occur a tiny bumps or swelling of grey, red and pink color. It is not required that every time signs will occur. In that case there should be a close examination of the skin around the genital spot. The affected person feels that area to be a little more moist than normal. In a few women the genital warts may cause very heavy vaginal bleeding or increased in vaginal discharge. Usually it takes three months to develop the symptoms after the sexual e-mail. However, it is also possible that for some time there may be no symptoms. Some natural cures are there to stop genital warts and an infected person must work out to make use of this solutions. Use Vitamin E Oil Put some crushed raw garlic during the affected area furthermore apply Vitamin E oil over the infected area. Cover the infected area with an adhesive tape and inside a week you will get an effective answer. Vitamins Diets which are supplemented by high doses of lactobacillus, acidophilus, amino acid L-Cysteine and also with vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C, E and zinc shows immune boosting benefits. Garlic Powder Tablets Since from ancient times, garlic is recognized as for the medicinal increased value. Garlic has many benefits on the body system. One of the main benefits on the human body is it promotes the white blood cell's ability to fight opposed to the infections. From the natural anti-biotic. It is very effective in countering fungus, bacteria and viral conditions. So, taking garlic powder tablets are very helpful in curing genital hpv. Apply Juice Prepare juice from the slices of onion and cover it overnight with salt. Apply over the affected areas unless you relief using the warts. You can also apply the milky juice of fig's stem on the affected district. You have to apply this juice at least two a couple of times a full day to achieve an effective result. You may also apply cider vinegar with the expertise of cotton balls over the affected local area. It is required that you will need to improve your health by giving you better lifestyle. Lessen intake of refined foods, red meat and carbs. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits to reduce the problem of genital warts.
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