Note for storage of conductive tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-22

The products made by tape manufacturers can be used in many industries. In order to ensure the appearance of the tape and the performance of the tape, how should the conductive tape be stored?

When the conductive tape is used in a natural environment with the low magnetic field, be sure to place the tape in a normal and comfortable environment at room temperature, and ensure that it runs for 3 hours at normal temperature before using it. If the conductive tape is packaged, the product should be properly placed in the packaging carton, and the conductive tape should be stored in a cool place when stored. The conductive tape should not be allowed to operate in high temperatures, nor should it be used in high humidity conditions. At the same time, the conductive tape has a shelf life. If it exceeds the shelf life, do not use it again.

Sometimes it is also classified according to the conductivity of the tape. Some products are conductive, and some tapes are non-conductive, and we need to consider the insulation performance of the tape to a large extent when buying tape.

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