Notes on the use of sealing tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-04

The products of adhesive tape wholesalers are mainly used only in the packaging to realize the sealing of the products. And when we use it, in order to ensure its effectiveness, don't ignore some of its usage notes.

In fact, the requirements for the use of sealing tape are relatively high, otherwise, it will easily lead to the failure of sealing, which will not only affect the beauty of the product packaging but also lead to the loss of internal goods during transportation. Therefore, when using it, you must pay attention to ensure that the adherend is dry and clean, otherwise, it will affect the adhesion and effect of the tape. When using, a certain force should be applied to make the tape and the adherend get a good combination. The tape must also have a certain tension, do not bend it, because if the tape does not have a certain tension, it is easy to stick.

In fact, the types and functions of sealing tapes are also different. When we use them, we can choose suitable products according to different needs. Of course, we should also pay attention to environmental temperature and other issues to ensure its use effect.

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