Pay attention to the following aspects when buying double-sided tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-15

1. Smell the smell

If the taste is strong and sour, it means that the holding power of the tape is poor. Especially in a low-temperature environment, the tape will crack if it is basically stuck to the carton. The stronger the odor, the sticky at initial adhesion, but the adhesive surface will quickly dry out and lose its adhesive performance. At that time, cracks will appear on the surface of the tape. Because of uneven bonding

2. Watch the brightness of this movie

Generally speaking, inferior tapes are darker in color. This kind of tape has a high possibility of breaking and its strength is also very poor.

3. The thickness of the hand mask and tape with harder hand feel is usually poor, and the actual number of meters will be reduced due to the thickness of the film

All the films used in good tapes are relatively soft and have good elongation when stretched by hand.

4. Look at the color

Generally speaking, the whiter the color of scotch tape, the fewer impurities in the tape to ensure normal adhesion. The paper tube has a certain degree of transparency below 100 meters. Yellow tape is used to observe whether there are irregularly distributed white spots on the surface of the tape. What can't be wiped off by hand is the traces of impurities or dry glue. The product usually has an odor.

5. Paper tube

Thick paper tube tape is usually used to mislead consumers. The production of tape started from abroad, so the inner diameter of the tape paper tube is even 7.6 cm, but the inferior tape is not suitable for the paper tubes. Thickness has done enough work, and it is still relevant for many consumers. Many people think that the thicker the paper tube, the larger the outer ring, and the more tape rolls. This sounds correct. In fact, you can calculate it carefully. Suppose a paper tube of 3 mm is compared with a paper tube of 7 mm. If the thickness of the pure tape from the outer diameter of the paper tube to the edge of the tape is 1cm, we can calculate the thickness of the tape per 1cm. How many meters of tape does a 7mm paper tube use more than a 3mm paper tube

6. Look at the tightness

In the process from semi-finished products to finished products, the tape is wound into strips by the machine. There is a certain tension. If the tension is high, the tape will wrap tightly. The tape should be wound neatly as usual. This tape has no gaps, and the degree of bonding between glue and air is very small. It can extend the storage life of the tape and keep the adhesive force of the tape to a limit. In addition, for inferior tapes, because they contain impurities, the coating is not uniform, there will be no problem at this time after winding into a finished product, but cracks will begin to appear after a period of time. In addition, the winding surface of the tightly wound tape is flat during use, making it easy to find the opening. Some friends may want to ask, is there any difference in the production of tape? In fact, many consumer companies are very concerned about the size of tape.

We have calculated before that a roll of tape needs to be rolled hundreds of times. The thickness of the tape is 50 microns. There is no gap between the two layers of tension bands. Once the tension is relaxed, the gap between the tapes will increase slightly, which is invisible to the naked eye to a certain extent. Then the outer diameter of this roll of tape can actually increase by a few millimeters. People should not underestimate these few millimeters, because everyone has a visual error, then the appearance of these two kinds of tapes will be very different. If there are gaps in the tape, you don't have to choose to buy it. This is a typical loose property, so when choosing two tapes, the method is to feel the weight. 

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