Points to pay attention to in tape application

by:CROWN     2022-10-18

We know that with the continuous development of science and technology, the products made by tape manufacturers and wholesalers occupy a very important position in our lives. What kind of nature does it have? Let's learn about it today.

At present, the types and scope of use of adhesive tapes are relatively extensive. It is used in all aspects of life and industry. The air has little influence on the adhesive, but the dust in the air will contaminate the surface of the adhesive, thereby reducing the pressure on the adhesive tape. sex. Therefore, the shorter the exposure time of the glue to the air, the better. We recommend applying tape immediately after removing the release paper. As the temperature increases, the glue and foam will soften, the bond strength will decrease, but the adhesion will be better. When the temperature is lowered, the tape will harden, and the bond strength will increase but the adhesion will become worse. The tape performance will return to its original value as the temperature returns to normal.

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