Process knowledge for designing and producing warning tapes

by:CROWN     2022-11-25

The sleeve label packaging of warning tape is generally cylindrical, and what is the tape manufacturer doing when designing and producing it? here we come to find out:

First, the product is sorted into a single product and enters the conveyor line, and then enters the mold through the discharging device, and the individual packaging is directly placed on the mold; and the fixed number of packaging needs to add a counting device to control the assembly line to achieve. Since the shape and outer diameter of the products are not uniform, there is a high requirement for the accuracy of the sleeve labeling machine. A labeling device is added to the front end of the sleeve label when the round card trademark needs to be placed. Due to the particularity of such products, electrothermal shrinkage is used.

In addition, a synchronous reclaiming device should be used, so that the reclaiming will be more stable. I hope everyone has some understanding of the design and production process knowledge of the warning tape.

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