Quality inspection of scotch tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-21

There are many scotch tapes on the market, how do you choose a high-quality scotch tape? Tape manufacturers explain how to test the quality of the Scotch tape.

Colored scotch tape is commonly used for marking and masking purposes in beige and khaki, and many people think this is the color of the film, but the color is actually the color of the glue. Tighten the transparencies firmly when in use, then remove them quickly so you can tear off the glue on one side to see the purity and clarity of the original. The main thing is to look at the thickness of the glue.

If you don't lose or find the glue, the glue is rich in impurities and the glue is not cohesive, the water evaporates too much, the initial adhesion of this scotch tape is too poor to distinguish by feel, the better the shield, the adhesive The thicker the better.

When comparing the appearance of zona pellucida, the size was reduced and the color of the entire roll of doped zona pellucida was very dark. After pulling, the transparent band has high light transmittance. A good scotch tape is very shielding and there is no color overlap, so the color of a good roll of tape won't be much different from the color after it's pulled out.

Another way to tell the difference is to look at the surface of the tape, which is striped at the end of the scotch tape to form bubbles that disappear after a week of sitting. The scotch tape doped with impurities has many irregularly distributed white spots and is not dispersed by water pressure other than air bubbles.

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