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Quick Guide: Discover the Benefits of Water Tape


When shipping products to customers, you need to choose the best possible option to seal the boxes. Now, there are many alternatives, including glue, staples, and a variety of tapes. Among the many different types of tape available, there’s water-activated tape, also known as water tape. If you’ve been thinking about giving it a chance, knowing more about the benefits will help you make a more informed decision. As an adhesive tape manufacturer, we can share some insights!

Water tape is designed to save people time and money because it’s very easy to use and the adhesion is very difficult to break. As such, your packaging will stay in one piece. Plus, water tape is very versatile, which means you can use it to seal boxes and containers no matter their shape or size. If you’d like to understand the benefits of water tape, continue reading as we explore this effective product. 

What Is Water Tape?

Adhesive tape manufacturers have created water-activated tape, or water tape for short, to help prevent shipment failures. As the name implies, water tape consists of a starch-based substance that becomes sticky when water is added to it. This kind of type is the best option when you want your boxes or containers to have a tamper-proof seal that will keep them protected during the shipping process.

Many shipment companies rely on water tape as one of their preventive measures because it’s very effective at reducing the likelihood of shipment issues or mishaps. Water tape is primarily available in white or natural colors so they look inconspicuous. Most of the time, water tapes combine paper and starch-based adhesive. However, there’s also water tape made with paper layers and strings of polyethylene or fiberglass to make it stronger. 

The Benefits of Water Tape

Any adhesive tape manufacturer or double sided tape manufacturer that offers high-quality water-activated tape should be able to guarantee the following benefits:


1. Water tape seamlessly bonds with packages

One of the biggest benefits of water tape is that it bonds to the surface of your carton packages or parcels. This is not a pressure-sensitive adhesive, it’s water-activated, so it creates a seal that doesn’t allow the package to open during shipping. Since water tape bonds to the package instead of sitting over it, it offers a lot more peace of mind and security than other package sealing options.


2. Water tape can survive extreme conditions

If you’ve used pressure-sensitive tapes, you already know that extreme temperatures and factors like dust can get them to detach from the packaging very easily. However, that won’t be an issue if you use water tape. This type of water-activated tape is sturdy and durable, so it can hold its own against extreme heat or cold, dirt, dust, and other factors. The seal won’t be affected at all due to its remarkable durability.


3. Water tape is more environmentally friendly

Water tape from an eco-friendly adhesive tape manufacturer offers an environmentally friendly option, which is often a priority for all kinds of businesses. It won’t be difficult to find water-activated tape made from recycled materials. Additionally, water tape can be biodegradable, so it won’t contribute to waste or the pollution of the planet.


4. Water tape is a cost-effective option

Because water tape creates such a strong seal, you will need to use less of it. So, you’ll waste even less and also save money. That’s why it’s such a cost-effective solution. One strip of water-adhesive tape will be enough to secure your packages. This means your water tape rolls will last longer, leading you to spend less on packaging, which can make a difference in your ROI.


5. Any package tampering attempt will be very evident

One of the best ways to discourage people from tampering with packages is to make it very difficult for them. With water tape, any tampering attempt will be very evident. Remember, the tape binds with the package, so it will be impossible to try and get into the package. This will help you reduce liability and be able to reassure your customers that packages will arrive untouched.


6. Water tape provides theft prevention

When you apply water tape, you can be certain your packages will be protected from theft. This will save you a lot of money in replacing or resending products. It will also save you the hassle and the bad impression lost or stolen packages can leave on your customers.


7. Water tape helps you be more productive

Usually, packages that are sealed with PST require using hand-held tape guns, which are quite heavy. When you’re using water-activated tape, you’ll just need a water-activated tape dispenser, which is stationary. That means your packers won’t have to hold any device by hand. As such, they won’t get tired quickly so they will be able to be more productive. Plus, it reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Overall, using water tape allows your packers to be more productive because it makes the process easier for them.


8. It’s customizable to fit your brand identity

Last but not least, water tape can be customized to fit your brand identity. Adhesive tape manufacturers can print a logo or message on your water tape, which makes the packaging feel more personalized. Maintaining a cohesive brand identity and image throughout your business is essential, so it’s a great benefit to be able to customize your water tape.


Final Words on Water Tape

Overall, it’s safe to say that using water tape for your delivery and shipping packages is the right decision. This alternative is cost-effective, versatile and provides your packages with the protection they should have. Once you place the water tape on the package, it will become a solid seal.

When it comes to water-adhesive tapes, there are many options to choose from. So, make sure you choose an adhesive tape manufacturer or double sided tape manufacturer that can offer a high-quality product. Browse our website for some of the best tapes on the market!

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