Reasonable choice of high temperature resistant tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-20

When using it, we need to choose the wholesale tape products according to the different environments, so how do we choose in the high temperature environment?

In a high temperature environment, the most important thing is the temperature requirement. At this time, the temperature difference of the environment can be calculated. Teflon tape can be selected because it can be used between low temperatures -of 70°C and high temperatures of 230°C. While meeting the temperature requirements, it also requires strong weather resistance and long service life, otherwise, it will be very difficult to replace the tape frequently. Of course, polyimide tape can also be used, which has a very long service life, excellent insulation, wear resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. If you want to use it in harsh environments, you must also have ultra-high anti-corrosion properties. Both Teflon tape and polyimide tape can be used very well.

In addition, adhesives need to be considered, because, in high-temperature environments, they usually act on high-strength materials such as steel, so the tape must be able to bond metal materials well.

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