Reasons that cause the PET high temperature tape to not be used normally

by:CROWN     2021-11-24

PET high temperature tape is a kind of high temperature tape. It has excellent adhesion so that it will not fall off during use. Giant Packaging, as a PET high temperature tape manufacturer, often hears consumers asking us, 'Why do we Can the purchased PET high-temperature tape not be used normally?' Next, let’s analyze the reasons why the PET high-temperature tape cannot be used normally:

1. Varieties of adherents. Adhesives of different materials have different internal molecular structures and different surface roughness, which affects the adhesion effect of the product. The PET high temperature tape suitable for adhesion should be selected according to the surface roughness of the adherend.

2. There are foreign objects on the outside. The surface of the adherend has dust, oil stains, water stains and other foreign objects that will make the PET high temperature tape unable to be used normally. Therefore, the surface of the adherend must be cleaned before use.

3. Adhesive pressure. When sticking the PET high temperature tape, the pressure applied directly affects the tightness of the adhesion between the tape and the adherend.

4. Operating environment. As we all know, PET high-temperature tape is suitable for use in high-temperature environments. If the temperature is too low, the PET high-temperature tape will not work properly.

5. Other reasons. Such as product expiration, unqualified storage environment, mismatch of process parameters, etc.

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