Sealing tape cannot be used in these places, remember!

by:CROWN     2021-11-09

Carton sealing tape can bond almost everything, and its wide range of uses has led to people's recognition of carton sealing tape. There are also some sealing tapes that cannot be used locally, so I will explain to you next.

1. Cannot be used for high temperature:

The time when the transparent tape is used cannot be used at high temperature. The transparent tape does not have the characteristics of high temperature resistance.

2. Cannot be used for broken money:

There are many people using transparent tape to glue broken money, but the money glued with transparent tape cannot pass the verification of the money detector, so it cannot be used in bonding coins.

3. Cannot be used for lines:

In many households, line damage is often encountered. Generally, some line damage is not very serious, so many people directly wrap the line with transparent tape when encountering this situation. But they don't know that the transparent tape is not a special insulating tape, so it does not have insulating properties. Even some of the raw materials on the transparent tape are conductive, and the consequences can be disastrous if used.

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