Sealing tape glue is an important performance reflecting the quality of tape

by:CROWN     2021-11-14

The sealing tape is mainly made of BOPP film and glue. The quality of the sealing tape is greatly related to both. The most valuable and most visible value is not the thin film, but the glue, sealing Box tape glue is the key to tape.

The raw material of the sealing tape glue is a tincture, which is a kind of polymer active substance, and the temperature unevenness has a certain influence on the molecular activity. The tincture content of the glue of the sealing tape directly affects the use of the tape. In the spring and autumn season, the initial adhesion of the sealing tape at normal temperature is between ≥13 (steel ball number). The thickness of this tape glue is generally 22 microns, which is in line with the standard thickness.

Of course, there is good or bad glue for sealing tape. It is no problem to use good glue to apply the glue normally. If you use poor quality glue, you can apply more glue, it will not stick, and it will appear degummed. The phenomenon, then how to distinguish the quality of the sealing tape glue? The first is: use your nose to smell, whether it has a pungent smell, if there is the glue of poor quality, if there is not, it is good glue; secondly, touch it with your hands, the sticking force is not strong, if it is big, it proves that the glue is good; Look again to see if there is any glue on your hands. If there is no glue on your hands, it is good glue. If there is glue on your hands, it is not good glue.

It should also be noted that the sealing tape is affected by the weather. In summer, the glue applied to the sealing tape is relatively thin. It is generally not a problem. However, in winter, the thickness is still the same and the stickiness will be weak, so it is used in summer. The sealing tape should be thinner. In winter, it will be easier to use sealing tape if it is thicker. The cost of the sealing tape is the glue, so the glue of the sealing tape is very important. Paying attention to the quotation of tincture is equivalent to paying attention to the quotation of the sealing tape. Generally, once the quotation of tincture is changed, the quotation of the sealing tape will be changed soon.

Carton sealing tape glue is one of the important factors in the manufacture of high-quality carton sealing tape. Therefore, the manufacturer of carton sealing tapes should strictly control the production of glue and should not be negligent. 

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