Several aspects to pay attention to when storing high temperature tape

by:CROWN     2021-11-11

High temperature tape is an industrial tape, so it is less used by individuals and more used by enterprises or factories. When companies or factories purchase high-temperature tapes, they will buy in large quantities, so the storage of high-temperature tapes is involved at this time. Storage of high temperature tape is a link that needs to be paid attention to. Next, we will introduce several aspects that need to be paid attention to when storing high temperature tape:

1. When storing high-temperature adhesive tape, put the high-temperature adhesive tape in the warehouse, and do not let the high-temperature adhesive tape come into contact with some chemical solvents, otherwise, it will affect its temperature resistance function.

2. When storing high-temperature tape, you must pay attention to it. Different types of tape must be separated well. You cannot stack all different types of tapes randomly, because the functions of different types are different. Also, we cannot mix different types together when we are using them.

3. When storing the high-temperature tape, if it is found to be damaged, the reasons for the damage of the high-temperature tape should be checked, and some corresponding measures should be made to prevent more tapes from being damaged.

4. When storing high-temperature tape, pay attention to it. The high-temperature tape should not be folded up. It should be placed in rolls. Do not let heavy objects press on the high-temperature tape.

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