Several methods to improve the quality of sealing tape film

by:CROWN     2021-11-15

Use the method of increasing the coating temperature to improve the adsorption ability of the sealing tape film. In the vacuum coating technology, the stability of the MgF: film can be improved by heating the substrate temperature to 300°C. As we all know, TiCI is used. And Si (OCH3). Steam decomposes TiO: and Si0 on the surface of Boray when heated to 200-250℃. The sealing tape film has particularly high strength and chemical stability.

The heat treatment of the sealing tape film has great practical significance. For example, the film strength and resistance to water vapor damage at 350°C are 5-8 times higher than that of the film heated at 100-120°C. The effect of the heating temperature is the same for the vacuum film. For example, MgF, heating to 270-400℃ after coating can greatly improve its chemical stability.

One of the main factors to obtain the sturdiness of the sealing tape film is the cleanliness of the surface of the plated parts. There is usually some kind of outer layer on the surface of the glass. During the center edging process, this outer surface layer has a certain degree of pore cooling. Therefore, it may absorb the oil and lacquer gas that often exist in the room. The presence of these substances in the film layer will hinder the chemical surface of the film and glass. Combine.

In addition, the newly polished surface may be contaminated by high-boiling toluene or other solvents when cleaning the glued paint. This high-boiling solvent is not easy to remove from the contaminated layer pores, so it will reduce the film and The combination ability of the plated parts, so as to form a sticky and scattered film. Therefore, it is necessary to degrease the exterior of Borui carefully. The most useful method in vacuum coating is ion surface bombardment, which can release water vapor and other substances adsorbed on the surface of the ship during the ion bombardment process. In addition, the pre-heating of the plated parts plays a decisive role in the removal of the surface and the intermediate layer of the film, which is very beneficial to the chemical plating film that cannot be ion bombarded.

The high-temperature heat treatment of the sealing tape film, the surface heating of the plated parts, and the method of sealing the pores of the film with various compounds have been studied and the protection method of the interference film has been formulated. The method is obtained by hydrolyzing the hydrocarbon-based organic matter. The TiO: and SiO2 films are treated in melted beeswax. This method can be used for the oxide film obtained in the gaseous state or in the pyrolysis of silicon-organic matter. In industry, this method is currently used for the protection of single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer antireflection coatings, and the coatings are oxides of titanium, orange, pickle, and silicon.

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