Storage and Precautions for Scotch Tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-22

Tape manufacturers store products in warehouses for the needs of consumers. The transparent tapes purchased by consumers cannot be used up all at once and should be stored in lockers. Storage box tapes are flammable, so storage box tapes should raise awareness of fire prevention.

1. The warehouse where the sealing tape is stored must be kept ventilated. When the volatilized glue mist on the tape reaches a certain air ratio, it will burn violently when it encounters fire.

2. The warehouse must be equipped with normal standard firefighting equipment for timely suppression in the event of a fire. The location of the fire hose is no more than 50 meters beyond the tape storage location and is long enough to ensure sufficient water pressure and volume for the fire hydrant.

3. It is forbidden to stack the sealing tapes at the safety exits, and they should be stacked neatly in the warehouse. Even if the water overflows in each row, there should be enough space for the internal combustion to control the fire. Also note that the tape is stored in a location that is kept free of moisture and ventilation to ensure the tape's performance.

4. It is recommended to clearly state in the employee handbook the smoking ban and other possible root causes of disasters, put up posters marked with no smoking lights, and write the corresponding clauses if necessary.

5. When using the tape automatic sealing machine, the speed of the tape machine should be adjusted to avoid fire caused by the high friction speed.

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