Structure and category of foam tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-25

The tape we often say refers to Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), that is, pressure-sensitive tape. Apply a certain amount of pressure to it (press by hand or press by other means) to make it Stick to the surface of other objects. Adhesive tapes can be roughly divided into three basic categories according to their structure: single-sided tape, double-sided tape, non-substrate tape,

Single-sided tape is tape with an adhesive layer on only one side.

Double sided tape, that is, the tape coated with an adhesive layer on both sides.

Transfer tape, which is a tape without a substrate, consists of only release paper coated with adhesive directly.

Release coating: A layer of coating attached to the outer layer of the base material of the single-sided adhesive. The main purpose is to ensure that the tape can be unrolled stably during use, and there is no problem that the adhesive layer of the previous circle of the tape sticks to the surface of the next circle.

Backing: A thin layer of material on which the adhesive (glue) will be applied. There are many types of substrates, such as paper, plastic film, foam, non-woven fabric, fabric, aluminum foil, and so on.

Substrate surface treatment (Primer): It is mainly to treat the surface of the substrate through technical means to increase the adhesion between the adhesive layer and the surface of the substrate. Common technical methods include primer treatment (coating a layer of polymer on the surface of the substrate) and corona or plasma treatment. The surface treatment of the substrate is critical to whether the tape can be removed without leaving any residue.

The above three tape categories are the basic categories based on the structure. We often use the substrate type to name the tape, such as acrylic foam tape, cloth tape, paper tape, or add adhesive to distinguish the tape, such as acrylic foam adhesive tape. In addition, if classified according to use, tapes can be divided into three categories: daily use, industrial and medical tapes. In these three categories, there are more subdivided uses that can be used to distinguish tapes, such as non-slip tape, masking tape, surface protection tape, and so on.

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