Test method for carton-to-tape adhesion

by:CROWN     2022-10-20

Some cartons have a smooth surface and are not easy to adhere to the tape, which brings certain difficulties to the packaging of the product. Therefore, when packing cartons, a stickiness test should be carried out. The tape manufacturer will introduce us to the specific method.

First, take a moderately viscous tape and stick it on the carton, then tear off the tape to see if the tape has torn off the paper layer on the carton. For the packaging of this type of carton, if the tape is torn off without the slightest paper fiber, it means that the adhesiveness of the tape is not enough for packaging this type of carton, and a new type of tape should be used.

Appropriate tapes can better pack the carton. If the viscosity is not enough, the packaged items will easily be scattered and cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, before packaging, a stickiness test should be performed to better pack the carton.

The main component of the glue is a curing agent, which is a material that hardens the base material into a solid substance, and it can increase the toughness of the adhesive layer, and improve the impact resistance, bending resistance, peeling resistance, etc. of the adhesive layer. Another point is that The heat of reaction during curing can be reduced.

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